Trincomalee/Nilaveli/CPigeon Island

It is famous for its natural harbor. It is ranked as the world’s 5th largest natural harbors. All water sports are available here including fishing and sea angling. Whale watching in the sanctuary is a specialty. Trinco’s most famous landmark is Fort Fedrick. The ThirukoneswaramKovil which stands on the top most pinnacle of the Swamy Rock is a highly venerated Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva.

One of the finest beaches with crystal clear blue water and white beaches. Nilaveli beach is a very popular destination amongst sun worshippers. Close to Nilavali is Red Rock Beach – an estuary perch and pinkish colour rocks.

Pigeon Island
A short boat ride off the beach and you may visit Pigeon Island which lies 2km off the coast of Nilaveli great for diving, snorkeling and sea bathing. (Boat services are available).You may also visit the recently reopened Marine Park which was closed for nearly two decades. Visitors could enjoy the rare corals and marine animals and of course during the tour observe endemic and migrant bird species.